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Skilled Nursing - Swing Bed

Skilled Nursing - Swing Bed

What is a “Swing Bed”?


"Swing bed” is the term used to describe the private room or hospital suite at Gibson Area Hospital that is used as an alternative to a nursing home or rehab facility stay after a surgery or other procedure.  When transitional care is needed to fill the gap between hospitalization and home, a swing bed offers you the comfort of a room in your local hospital—even if your surgery/procedure was performed elsewhere—so you “swing” from inpatient care to skilled nursing and therapy care until you are ready to go home. 


Supportive guests and familiar faces, along with a comfortable care environment, can accelerate your healing process.  Your family and friends will have convenient access to visit you during your swing bed stay at Gibson Area Hospital.  A spacious, private room and award-winning, highly-skilled nurses will also contribute to your satisfaction during recovery.


Our goal is to help you regain your strength and restore your independence before returning home.  Ask your provider about the advantage of swing bed care after surgery and request Gibson Area Hospital as your choice for extended skilled care. Experience the benefits of care close to home.


Medicare and most insurance plans cover up to 20 days at 100% of the cost for patients who have had a qualifying inpatient stay prior to swing bed and require skilled nursing care.


For more information about the Swing Bed program at Gibson Area Hospital, please contact the Case Management team at 217-784-2678.


More details about swing bed qualifications may be found at:

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