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精英体育 & 健身

精英体育 & 健身


精英体育 & 健身 exists to provide leadership and guidance through personal and athletic training. To help clients attain their goals, trainers constantly challenge them to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness that they can reach.


这里是Elite, we always strive to create an enjoyable place where our clients can work to better themselves. Every client is trained accordingly by age, current conditioning status, goals, etc... in which we genuinely accept the commitment to help them reach. OUR goal is to allow clients to focus on working hard during their sessions while teaching proper fitness techniques to prevent injury or discouragement.


At 精英体育 & 健身 we offer a variety of sport enhancement, personal training, and general fitness programs. Our programs are designed to work with each individual and establish personalized goals based on their initial assessment and their abilities.


We employ Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, Certified Strength, and Conditioning Specialists, as well as Youth 健身 Specialists who use their expertise and experience to design programs specific to your needs. Programs include but are not limited to conditioning, weight loss/gain sustainability, speed and agility training, 灵活性, energy system development, muscular strength, local muscular endurance, and jumping ability. ATCs are also available to implement speed and strength clinics at local schools if desired by athletic program directors and/or coaches. Not interested in personal training programs? Take advantage of our group fitness class membership or utilize our facilities for your own training programs.


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What is MindBody?

MindBody is an online website or mobile application that allows you to manage your own client profile, schedule appointments, and make payments.  MindBody assists clients by offering appointment reminders and allowing clients to sign up for daily group fitness classes.  Want to know more?  Not a tech-savvy individual?  不用担心!  The front desk is still happy to assist you in setting up your client profile, 调度, 和支付!


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GAH employees are given extra incentives to encourage health and wellness.

Payroll deduction is also available for GAH employees.


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